Bermudez Medical Group 

We are happy for your visit and take a few minutes to see all the services we offer in our facility. We are sure that we can meet all your expectations, because we not only want to be your health center, we want you to consider us part of your family.

After viewing our website, we encourage you to visit us. We welcome you to meet our professional staff and our facilities.

These are part of the services to which you will have access when you are a member of our medical center:

Primary Care Physicians and Specialists ( Lidia R. Bermudez 25 years of experience ) 


Doctors who speak the same language (English-Spanish)

If you have medicare and medicaid and live in the Broward area, you are eligible to be part of our family, we are your best choice for your health care.

Our mission is that you remain in good health and meet your expectations in all aspects. We expect it. Thank you !